Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more recent commonly asked questions about software:

The software platform works in over 100+ countries. You have the ability to custom create and edit your messages to tailor them to almost any language and since we use Twilio will be able to message owners in those countries serviced by Twilio.

Unfortunately our system will not be able to detect that. In our experience, landlines do not reply. We suggest sending outreach to Voip and Mobile numbers only, but you are free to test it out and play with it on all 3 types.

Yes, you need a Twilio account with one phone number and a Google Maps API Key with the following API's enabled: Places API, Geocoding API. Optionally you can integrate a ValueSerp API key if you have a big volue and you exceed the $200 free Google credits every month. SignalWire is needed if you're in Canada, because Twilio is not able to do a carrier lookup for Canadian numbers. And lastly another optional integration is ScrapingDog, used for more reliability on detecting the Google/Chat buttons and Claimed status of a business.

Twilio's pricing are explained in detail on this page: Choose your country at the top if you are not operating in the US.

We do not have the possibility of separate logins for team members, but you can share your account credentials with them. Multiple people are able to sign in with the same account at the same time.

 It is usually taking somewhere between 5 to 10 minutes to complete a job. In rare cases the job can take up to 20 minutes and in very rare cases it can exceed that, at which point we suggest contacting us to investigate if there are any issues with your job.

No, we do not allow uploading contacts into the system. The goal of the system is to find new prospects/leads and contact them.

Our phone number carrier lookup system is highly accurate, as we are relying on Twilio's ability to extract that information.

Yes, our app works with any possible niche.

Definitely! You can use our system to sell any services you can offer.

Over 1950 digital agencies just like you agree that Local Lead Sniper is a complete lead generation and outreach software built to find and contact highly targeted prospects on  from one easy to use dashboard.

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