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Local Lead Sniper is a complete lead generation and outreach software built to find and contact highly targeted prospects on from one easy to use dashboard.

Real Customer Comments & Testimonials

Local Lead Sniper is the easiest to use and quickest to leads software I’ve ever used. The first time using it resulted in 61% response rates-- most within minutes. Absolutely love it!

Steve Adam

using Local Lead Sniper I was able to easily send out almost 1K messages relatively easily and my response rate was ~53%! No other tool was able to bring me even close to that respnse rate!

Aaron B.

David Calafiore

05:00 PM

I have been using local Lead Sniper for about three months now and let me tell you, it’s a game changer for connecting with Local Business owners.

I’ve been prospecting in the local space for over a decade now adnd this is hands down the most effective lead generation tool i’ve used. The ability to send personalizedn text messages really helps grab the attention of business owners and increase the chances of getting a response. Plus, it’s super helpful when trying to connect with busy business owners who might not have time to answer calls or emails.

Alll in all, I’m seriously impressed with Local Lead Sniper and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to reach out to local business owners. it’s a great to way to start conversations and build relationships with potentials clients.

Jay Dunbar

Local Lead Sniper is the best tool I’ve ever used for cold outreach. Using your templates I’m getting 30-40% response rates from interested prospects, this can truly change the game for any agency.

John Hogar

My Agency has had consistent 30-40% response rates using Local Lead Sniper from local home service businesses over the last month. We are working 15-25 minutes daily to produce and answer the campaign, with very little cost (SMS/MMS) to hit targeted client niches. These clients have increased our bottom line by $3500 this month.

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Local Lead Sniper David C. Recorded A LIVE DEMO Showing How Fast He's Starting Conversations With Business Owners

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your investment is protected by our 60-Day "Free Look" Policy. Here's how it works: You have a full 60 days to preview "Local Lead Sniper". If you decide during that time that "Local Lead Sniper" is not right for you, just let us know and you'll be issued a full and prompt refund for your initial plan and credits questions asked. In short, you get results, or you get your money back. It's that simple...

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more recent commonly asked questions about software:

The software platform works in over 100+ countries. You have the ability to custom create and edit your messages to tailor them to almost any language and since we use Twilio will be able to message owners in those countries serviced by Twilio.

You will need to connect your Twilio account for communicating with business owners via SMS and a Google Maps API. The Maps API has a monthly credit that should keep you under the billing threshold monthly unless you are a power user. This software works so well that you don’t need to pull thousands of leads to start conversations. We walk you through setting it all up in the over the shoulder trainings.

No. While we can attempt to send a text to text capable landlines, there is no way for the platform to discern that. We stick primarily to mobile and occasionally reach out to VOIP phone numbers and get amazing results.

You will need Twilio and the Google Maps API key to unlock the full potential of this platform.

We teach this inside the course included with the software. We discuss offering GBP optimization, Ratings and Review generation, as well as Google Business Profile chat and quote setup.

Absolutely! And we will provide some additional training webinars on the services we offer and the tools we use to fulfill that you will have the option of using as well in a white label capacity.

One login will be provided for the tool. For each account there is one username and password. While you may share your login with a VA, it is recommended that each person on your team have their own account to prevent confusion.

If you already have a Twilio account and Google Maps API key, you can be setup in a few minutes. If you have not created those 2 credentials, then you can start as soon as those keys are created.

No! This was not created to be a mass outreach platform via upload. You will not have the ability to upload a list.

Highly Accurate! Because of how this software is built we know with a very high certainty if they are a landline, VOIP, or mobile carrier number.

Absolutely. You can target any local area you choose. There are no restrictions on where you can search.

Yes! You can sell any service to the business owners. This tool is created to find specific deficiencies in their Google Business Profile, however you can use it to find and outreach to business owners via SMS for any offer.

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Over 1950 digital agencies just like you agree that Local Lead Sniper is a complete lead generation and outreach software built to find and contact highly targeted prospects on  from one easy to use dashboard.

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